(yahtmle)All customizable variables

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List of customizable variables.  Defaults in parenthesis

 -- Variable: yahtml-prefix
     Prefix key for yahtml-mode.  (`\C-c')

 -- Variable: yahtml-image-viewer
     Command to view image files refered by img. (xv)

 -- Variable: yahtml-www-browser
     Browser to view external pages with `[prefix]g'. (netscape)

 -- Variable: yahtml-kanji-code
     Default kanji code. 1=sjis, 2=jis, 3=euc, 4=utf-8 (2) If AddType
           "text/html; charset=xxx" .html is written in .htaccess, this
           will override yahtml-kanji-code.

 -- Variable: yahtml-fill-column
     Columns to auto-fill (72)

 -- Variable: yahtml-fill-prefix
     fill-prefix specific to yahtml-mode. (`nil')

 -- Variable: yahtml-path-url-alist
     Matching list of URL and full path name on OS's file system.

 -- Variable: yahtml-directory-index
     Default index filed opened when accessing a server without a
     filename, usually index.html. (`"index.html"')

 -- Variable: yahtml-lint-program
     HTML syntax check program. (`"jweblint"')

 -- Variable: yahtml-hate-too-deep-indentation
     setq to t when indentations for nested enumerate elements are too
     deep.  (`nil')

 -- Variable: yahtml-always-/p
     setq to t if you always want `</p>' after `</p>'. `nil'

 -- Variable: yahtml-p-prefered-env-regexp
     Elements that `<p>' will be automatically inserted.

 -- Variable: yahtml-template-file
     File to automatically insert when editing a new HTML file.

 -- Variable: yahtml-prefer-upcases
     Use uppercase for tags. `nil'

 -- Variable: yahtml-prefer-upcase-attributes
     Use uppercase for attributes. `nil'

 -- Variable: yahtml-server-type
     setq to 'apache if using a Apache server, and will refer ./.htaccess.

 -- Variable: yahtml-apache-access-file
     When `yahtml-server-type' is `'apache', define name of access
     restriction file. `".htaccess"'

 -- Variable: yahtml-shell-command-option
     Options needed to invoke shell commands.

 -- Variable: yahtml-translate-hyphens-when-comment-region
     Whether to change hyphens to `&#45;' when commenting out region.

 -- Variable: yahtml-entity-reference-chars-alist
     alist of characters that needs to be written by Entity Reference.
     Enter as `'(?char . "EntityReference")'.  By default, `<', `>', `&',
     `'', is set.  Add as needed.  Do not include `&' at beginning and `;'
     at end of cdr portion of `"EntityReference"'.

 -- Variable: yahtml-faithful-to-htmllint
     When using htmllint to check syntax, it will complain about excess
     spaces.  setq to `t' to avoid this.

 -- Variable: yahtml-use-css
     Use style-sheet support or not (`t')

 -- Variable: yahtml-image-inspection-bytes
     Number of bytes to inspect the image for geometry information

 -- Variable: yahtml:img-default-alt-format
     format of img entity's ALT attributes.  %x: width, %y: height, %s:
     size in bytes, %c: first comment string, %f: filename

 -- Variable: yahtml-escape-chars
     When, completing href-s, Escape reserved characters to URL-encoding
     or not.  Nil for never, t for everytime, and 'ask for inquiring at
     each reserved chars. (`'ask')

 -- Variable: yahtml-use-font-lock
     Use font-lock to fontify buffer or not (`(featurep 'font-lock)')

 -- Variable: yahtml-use-hilit19
     Use hilit19 to highlight buffer or not (`(featurep 'hilit19)')

 -- Variable: yahtml-indentation-boundary
     Boundary regexp for indentation calculation.  (`"^\\s *<h[1-3]>"')

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