(yahtmle)CSS-class completion

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CSS class-name completion
You can input a class name in your CSS definition with completion.  If you
have CSS defined as below;

      h1.foo, h2.foo { background-color: 0xffffff; }
      h1.bar, h2.bar { font-size: 120%; }

when you input h1(or h2) tag with completing-read by [prefix] b or
[prefix] l, yahtml prompts you to input class name with completion from
the words which are effective to h1 or h2.  And if you defined global
class like this;

      .caution { font-size: 120%; background-color: 0xc00000;}

when you input any tags via completing-read, yahtml prompts you to input
class name.  If this is bothering, typing `C-j' instead of
`RET' (or `C-m') cancels the next prompt to class name completion.

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