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Completion Input

Completion input of HTML elements is done through the same key strokes as
YaTeX's begin-type completion, section-type completion, large-type
completion, maketitle-type completion, and accent completion.
Corresponding elements in this order is; elements that span multiple
lines, empty elements such as img, tags that start and end in a single
line, elements with no attributes or contents, and special or symbol

`[prefix] b (YaTeX begin-type completion)'

     Completion for elements that the start tag and the end tag span
     multiple lines. Mostly block-level elements.

`[prefix] s (YateX section-type completion)'
          <img src="foo.gif" alt="photo">

     Completion for elements that do not have end tags and require only
     attributes.  Possible completions are, <img>, <input>.

`[prefix] l (YaTeX large-type completion)'

          <big> กม </big>

     Similar to begin-type completion but used for elements that start and
     end on a single line.

`[prefix] m (YaTeX maketitle-type completion)'
     ... Completion for elements without attributes or contents.  Possible
     completion is <br>

`[prefix] a (YaTeX accent completion)'
     ... Used to enter special or symbol entities.  By default completion
     for < (&lt;), > (&gt;), & (&amp;), " (&quot;), ' (&apos;), blank
     (&nbsp;) is possible.

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