(yahtmle)Setting environment variables for WWW pages

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Setting environment variables for WWW pages

Variables regarding path names for files that will be your home page.
             ... list of matching path name on file system and URLs
             ... index file displayed when none is given in URL.  Usually
             `index.html' on NCSA type httpd and `Welcome.html' on CERN

Examples for `yahtml-path-url-alist'.  If `/home/yuuji/http/' is
`http://localhost/~yuuji' at home and `/usr/home/yuuji/www/' is
`http://www.keio.ac.jp/~yuuji/' at work, then

     (setq yahtml-path-url-alist
           '(("/home/yuuji/http" . "http://localhost/~yuuji")
             ("/usr/home/yuuji/www" . "http://www.keio.ac.jp/~yuuji")))

Any number of additions can be made to this list.

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