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If you wan to convert series of field into <td>...</td> repetitions for
table element, td-enclosure or tr-enclosure is convenient.

      `[prefix] }'

        ... Enclose each field in a region into <td>...</td>'s.
      `[prefix] ]'

        ... Enclose each line in a region into <tr>...</tr>'s, with every
             line converted to <td>...</td> repetition.  They presume
             white space as field separator by default.  To change this,
             enter other delimiting character for a query.  You can
             convert CSV, for example, into table by specifying comma(,)
             as a delimiter.

If you want to enclose fields with th, call with universal-argument
(`C-u').  Enter `th' to enclose fields with <th>...</th>.  The special
answer `thd' means that enclose the only first column with th, and the
rest with td.

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