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All customizable variables

  Here are the customizable variables of yatex-mode.  Each value setq-ed
in `~/.emacs' is preferred and that of defined in `yatex.el' is neglected.
Parenthesized contents stands for the default value.  When you are to
change some of these variables, see more detailed documentation of the
variable by `M-x describe-variable'.

 -- Variable: YaTeX-prefix
     Prefix key stroke (`C-c')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-inhibit-prefix-letter
     Change key stroke from `C-c letter' to `C-c C-letter' (`nil')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-fill-prefix
     Fill-prefix used in yatex-mode (`nil')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-user-completion-table
     Name of user dictionary where learned completion table will be
     stored. (`"~/.yatexrc"')

 -- Variable: tex-command
     LaTeX typesetter command (`"latex"')

 -- Variable: dvi2-command
     Preview command (`"xdvi -geo +0+0 -s 4"')

 -- Variable: dviprint-command-format
     Command format to print dvi file (`"dvi2ps %f %t %s | lpr"')

 -- Variable: dviprint-from-format
     Start page format of above %f. %b will turn to start page (`"-f %b"')

 -- Variable: dviprint-to-format
     End page format of above %t. %e will turn to `end' page (`"-t %e"')

 -- Variable: makeindex-command
     Default makeindex command (`"makeindex"' (`"makeind"' on MS-DOS))

 -- Variable: YaTeX-need-nonstop
     Put `\nonstopmode{}' or not (`nil')

 -- Variable: latex-warning-regexp
     Regular expression of warning message latex command puts out
     (`"line.* [0-9]*"')

 -- Variable: latex-error-regexp
     Regular expression of error message (`"l\\.[1-9][0-9]*"')

 -- Variable: latex-dos-emergency-message
     Message latex command running on DOS puts at abort (`"Emergency

 -- Variable: YaTeX-item-regexp
     Regular expression of item command (`"\\\\item"')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-verb-regexp
     Regexp of verb family.  Omit \\\\. (`"verb\\*?\\|path"')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-nervous
     T for using local dictionary (`t')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-sectioning-regexp
     Regexp of LaTeX sectioning command

 -- Variable: YaTeX-fill-inhibit-environments
     Inhibit fill in these environments (`'("tabular" "tabular*" "array"
     "picture" "eqnarray" "eqnarray*" "equation" "math" "displaymath"
     "verbatim" "verbatim*")')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-uncomment-once
     T for deleting all preceding `%' (`nil')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-close-paren-always
     T for always close all parenthesis automatically, `nil' for only eol

 -- Variable: YaTeX-auto-math-mode
     Switch math-mode automatically (`t')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-math-key-list-private
     User defined alist, math-mode-prefix vs completion alist used in
     image completion (`nil').  See `yatexmth.el' for the information
     about how to define a completion alist.

 -- Variable: YaTeX-default-pop-window-height
     Initial height of typesetting buffer when one-window.  Number for the
     lines of the buffer, numerical string for the percentage of the
     screen-height. `nil' for half height (10)

 -- Variable: YaTeX-help-file
     Global online help file name

 -- Variable: YaTeX-help-file-private
     Private online help file name (`"~/YATEXHLP.eng"')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-no-begend-shortcut
     Disable [prefix] b ?? shortcut (`nil)'

 -- Variable: YaTeX-hilit-pattern-adjustment-private
     List of the list that contain the regular expression and the symbol
     of logical meaning of the string that matches the pattern.  See also
     the value from `(assq 'yatex-mode hilit-patterns-alist)' and the
     value of `YaTeX-hilit-pattern-adjustment-default' (and even the
     document of hilit19.el).

 -- Variable: YaTeX-sectioning-level
     Alist of LaTeX's sectioning command vs its height.

 -- Variable: YaTeX-hierarchy-ignore-heading-regexp
     `YaTeX-display-hierarchy' searches for sectioning command first, and
     comment line secondary as a file headings.  In latter case, ignore lines
     that match with regular expression of this variable.  Default value of
     this variable is RCS header expressions and mode specifying line `-*- xxxx 

 -- Variable: YaTeX-skip-default-reader
     Non-nil for this variable skips the default argument reader of
     section-type command when add-in function for it is not defined

 -- Variable: YaTeX-create-file-prefix-g
     When typing `prefix g' on the `\include' line, open the target file
     even if the file doesn't exist (`nil')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-simple-messages
     Simplyfy messages of various completions (`nil')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-hilit-sectioning-face
     When hilit19 and yatex19 is active, YaTeX colors the sectioning
     commands.  This variable specifies the foreground and background
     color of `\part' macro.  The default value is `'(yellow/dodgerblue
     yellow/slateblue)'.  The first element of this list is for the screen
     when `hilit-background-mode' is `'light', and the second element is
     for `'dark'.  You should specify both color as `forecolor/backcolor'.

 -- Variable: YaTeX-hilit-sectioning-attenuation-rate
     When color mode, this variable specifies how much attenuate the color
     density of `\subparagraph' compared with that of `\chapter' (`'(15
     40)') See also `YaTeX-hilit-sectioning-face'.

 -- Variable: YaTeX-use-AMS-LaTeX
     If you use AMS-LaTeX, set to `t' (`nil')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-use-LaTeX2e
     If you use LaTeX2e, set to `t' (`t')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-template-file
     File name which is automatically inserted at creation

 -- Variable: YaTeX-search-file-from-top-directory
     Non-nil means to search input-files from the directory where main
     file exists (`t')

 -- Variable: YaTeX-use-font-lock
     Use font-lock to fontify buffer or not (`(featurep 'font-lock)'

 -- Variable: YaTeX-use-hilit19
     Use hilit19 to highlight buffer or not (`(featurep 'hilit19)'

 -- Variable: YaTeX-use-italic-bold
     YaTeX tries to search italic, bold fontsets or not (`t' if Emacs-20
     or later).  This variable is effective only when font-lock is used.
     (`(featurep 'hilit19)'

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