(yatexe)Calling typesetter

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Calling typesetter

  Typing `[prefix] t j', the current editing window will be divided
horizontally when you invoke latex command, and log message of LaTeX
typesetting will be displayed in the other window; called typesetting
buffer.  The typesetting buffer automatically scrolls up and traces LaTeX
warnings and error messages.  If you see latex stopping by an error, you
can send string to latex in the typesetting buffer.

  If an error stops the LaTeX typesetting, this key stroke will move the
cursor to the line where LaTeX error is detected.

`[prefix] ''
`([prefix]+single quotation)'

             ... jump to the previous error or warning

  If you find a noticeable error, move to the typesetting buffer and move
the cursor on the line of error message and type `SPACE' key.  This makes
the cursor move to corresponding source line.

  Since `[prefix] tr' pastes the region into the file `texput.tex' in the
current directory, you should be careful of overwriting.  The method of
specification of the region is shown in the section Note: %#notation.

  The documentclass for typeset-region is the same as that of editing file
if you edit one file, and is the same as main file's if you edit splitting

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