(yatexe)Commenting out

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Commenting out

  You may want to comment out some region.

`[prefix] >'
             ... comment out region by %
`[prefix] <'
             ... uncomment region

cause an operation to the region between point and mark.

`[prefix] .'
             ... comment out current paragraph
`[prefix] ,'
             ... uncomment current paragraph

comments or uncomments the paragraph where the cursor belongs.  This
`paragraph' means the region marked by the function mark-paragraph, bound
to `ESC h' by default.  It is NOT predictable what will happen when you
continuously comment out some paragraph many times.

  You can also comment out an environment between `\begin' and
`\end', or a `\begin'-\`\end' pair themselves, by making the
following key strokes on the line where `\begin{}' or
`\end{}' exists.

`[prefix] >'
             ... comment out from \begin to \`end'
`[prefix] <'
             ... uncomment from \begin to \`end'

comment whole the contents of environment.  Moreover,

`[prefix] .'
             ... comment out \begin and \`end'
`[prefix] ,'
             ... uncomment \begin and \`end'

(un)comments out only environment declaration: `\begin{}' and `\end{}'.
NOTE that even if you intend to comment out some region, invoking
`[prefix] >' on the `\begin',`\end' line decides to work in `commenting
out from `\begin' to `\end'' mode.

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