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  This program is distributed as a free software.  You can
use/copy/modify/redistribute this software freely but with NO warranty to
anything as a result of using this software.  Adopting code from this
program is also free.  But I would not do contract act.

  This software can be treated with: "The 2-Clause BSD License" (since
2017-09-09, yatex 1.80).

Any reports and suggestions are welcome as long as I feel interests in
this software.  My possible e-mail address is `yuuji@yatex.org'.  (as of
Sep.2017) And there is mailing list for YaTeX.  Although the common
language is Japanese, questions in English will be welcome.  To join the
ML, send the mail whose subject is `append' to the address
`yatex@yatex.org.  If you have some question, please ask to

  The specification of this software will be surely modified (depending on
my feelings) without notice :-p.

                                                              HIROSE Yuuji

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