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Image completion of mathematical sign

  Arrow marks, sigma mark and those signs mainly used in the TeX's math
environment are completed by key sequences which imitate the corresponding
symbols graphically.  This completion only works in the math environment.
YaTeX automatically detects whether the cursor located in math environment
or not, and change the behavior of key strokes `;' and `:'.

  By the way, we often express the leftarrow mark by `<-' for example.
Considering such image, you can write `\leftarrow' by typing `<-'
after `;' (semicolon) as a prefix.  In the same way,
`\longleftarrow' (`<--') is completed by typing `;<--',
infinity mark which is imitated by `oo' is completed by typing

  Here are the sample operations in YaTeX math-mode.

     INPUT                   Completed LaTeX commands
     ; < -                   `\leftarrow'
     ; < - -                 `\longleftarrow'
     ; < - - >               `\longleftrightarrow'
     ; o                     `\circ'
     ; o o                   `\infty'

  In any case, you can quit from image completion and can move to the next
editing operation if the LaTeX command you want is shown in the buffer.

  `;' itself in math-environment is inserted by `;;'.  Typing
`TAB' in the midst of image completion shows all of the LaTeX
commands that start with the same name as string you previously typed in.
In this menu buffer, press `RET' after moving the cursor (by `n',
`p', `b', `f') to insert the LaTeX command.

  To know all of the completion table, type `TAB' just after `;'.  And
here is the sample menu by `TAB' after `;<'.

     KEY             LaTeX sequence          sign
     <               \leq                    <
     <<              \ll                     <<
     <-              \leftarrow              <-
     <=              \Leftarrow              <=

  You can define your favorite key-vs-sequence completion table in the
Emacs-Lisp variable `YaTeX-math-sign-alist-private'.  See also
`yatexmth.el' for the information of the structure of this variable.

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