(yatexe)Invoking image processor

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Invoking image processor

`image-including line' described above means such lines as
`\epsfile{file=foo.ps}'.  If you type `[prefix] g' on that line, YaTeX
automatically searches source of `foo.ps' and invokes image viewer or
drawing tool correspoinding to it.  For example; if you draw an image
foo.obj with Tgif and enclose its product named foo.eps by `\epsfile'
command.  Typing `[prefix] g' on `\epsfile' line make YaTeX invoke `tgif
foo.obj'.  How a processor is choosen is as follows.

  1. If there is an expression matching with one of the pattern defined in
     `YaTeX-processed-file-regexp-alist', extract file name from regexp
     group surrounded by \\(\\).  (Which group corresponds is written in
     the cdr part of each list.)  If no matches were found, do nothing.
  2. If there is a pattern as `%PROCESSOR' which is defined in the
     variable `YaTeX-file-processor-alist', call that processor giving the
     file name with corresponding extension.
  3. If not, check the existence of each file which is supplied the
     extension in the cdr part of each list of
     `YaTeX-file-processor-alist'.  If any, call the corresponding image
     viewer or drawing tool.

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