(yatexe)Local dictionaries

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Local dictionaries

  Tables for completion consist of three dictionaries; `standard
dictionary' built in `yatex.el', `user dictionary' for your common private
commands, and `local dictionary' that is effective in a certain directory.

  When you input the command unknown to YaTeX at a completion in the
minibuffer, YaTeX asks you with the following prompt;

       `foo' is not in table. Register into: U)serDic L)ocalDic N)one D)iscard

In this menu, typing `u' updates your `user dictionary', `l' updates your
local dictionary, `n' updates only on-memory dictionary which go through
only current Emacs session, and `d' updates no dictionary and throws the
new word away.

  If you find this switching feature meaningless and bothersome, put the
next expression into your `~/.emacs'

             (setq YaTeX-nervous nil)

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