(yatexe)Lpr format

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Lpr format

  Lpr format is specified by three Lisp variables.  Here are the default
values of them.

             `"dvi2ps %f %t %s | lpr"'
             `"-f %b"'
             `"-t %e"'

  On YaTeX-lpr, `%s' in (1) is replaced by the file name of main text,
`%f' by contents of (2), %t by contents of (3).  At these replacements,
`%b' in (2) is also replaced by the number of beginning page, `%e' in (3)
is replaced by the number of ending page.  But `%f' and `%t' are ignored
when you omit the range of print-out by `C-u [prefix] tl'.

  If you want to change this lpr format temporarily, put a command such as
follows somewhere in the text:

             %#LPR dvi2ps %f %t %s | 4up -page 4 | texfix | lpr -Plp2

  And if you want YaTeX not to ask you the range of printing out, the next
example may be helpful.

             %#LPR dvi2ps %s | lpr

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