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Online help

  YaTeX provides you the online help with popular LaTeX commands.

  Here are the key strokes for the online help.

`[prefix] ?'
             ... Online help
`[prefix] /'
             ... Online apropos

Online help

  `Online help' shows the documentation for the popular LaTeX
commands(defaults to the commands on the cursor) in the next buffer.
There are two help file, `global help' and `private help'.  The former
file contains the descriptions on the standard LaTeX command and is
specified its name by variable `YaTeX-help-file'.  Usually, the global
help file should be located in public space (`$EMACSEXECPATH' by default)
and should be world writable so that anyone can update it to enrich its
contents.  The latter file contains descriptions on non-standard or
personal command definitions and is specified by
`YaTeX-help-file-private'.  This file should be put into private

Online apropos

  `Online apropos' is an equivalent of GNU Emacs's apropos.  It shows all
the documentations that contains the keyword entered by the user.

When no descriptions are found...

  If there is no description on a command in help files, YaTeX requires
you to write a description on that command.  If you are willing to do,
determine which help file to add and write the description on it referring
your manual of (La)TeX.  Please send me your additional descriptions if
you describe the help on some standard commands.  I might want to include
it in the next distribution.

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