(yatexe)Useful functions for creating add-in

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Useful functions for creating add-in

  Many add-in functions for typical LaTeX commands are defined in
`yatexadd.el'.  Those are also useful as references.  Here are the short
descriptions on useful functions, where [F] means function, [A] means
arguments, [D] means description.

     Character list which can show up in the brackets
        Return the location specifier such as `[htb]'.  When
     nothing is entered, omit [] itself.  If the possible characters
     are "htbp", call this function as
     `(YaTeX:read-position "htbp")'

     Base prompt, X-axis prompt, Y-axis prompt (each optional)
       Read the coordinates with the prompt "BasePrompt X-axisPrompt:" for
     X-axis, "BasePrompt Y-axisPrompt:" for Y-axis, and return it in the form
     of "(X,Y)".  The default prompts are `Dimension', `X',
     `Y' respectively.

     One of the symbols: 'begin, 'section, or 'maketitle
       Check the current completion type is specified one and cause error
     if not. The variable `YaTeX-current-completion-type' holds the symbol
     according to the current completion type.

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