(yatexe)What column

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What column?

  We are often get tired of finding the corresponding column in large
tabulars.  For example,

              Name&Position&Post No.&Addr.&Phone No.&FAX No.&
                     Home Addr.&Home Phone\\ \hline
              Thunder Bird & 6 & 223 & LA & xxx-yyy &
               zzz-www & Japan & 9876-54321 \\
                & 2 & \multicolumn{2}{c|}{Unknown}
              \\ \hline

Suppose you have the cursor located at `(???)' mark, can you tell which
column it is belonging at once?  Maybe no.  In such case, type

`[prefix] &'
             ... What column

in that position.  YaTeX tells you the column header of the current field.
Since YaTeX assumes the first line of tabular environment as a row of
column headers, you can create a row of virtual column headers by putting
them in the first line and commenting that line with `%'.

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