(yatexe)Changing LaTeX commands

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Changing LaTeX commands

`[prefix] c' can change the various (La)TeX commands.  This can change the
   * Environment names
   * Section-type commands
   * Argument of section-type commands
   * Optional parameters (enclosed by []) of section-type commands
   * Font/size designators
   * Math-mode's maketitle-type commands that can be inputted with image

  Typing `[prefix] c' on one of above objects you want to change brings a
suitable reading function sometimes with completion.  Note: If you want to
change the argument of section-type command that contains other LaTeX
commands, type `[prefix] c' either of surrounding braces of the argument
in order to make YaTeX ignore the internal LaTeX sequences as an object of
changing.  Anyway, it is very difficult to know which argument position
the cursor belongs because the LaTeX commands can be nested and braces can
freely emerge.  So keep it mind to put the cursor on a brace when you are
thinking of changing a complicated argument.

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