(yatexe)Killing LaTeX commands

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Killing LaTeX commands

  `[prefix] k' kills the LaTeX commands sometimes with their arguments.
Following table illustrates the correspondence of the invoking position
and what is killed.

     [Invoking position]             [action]
     \begin, \end line               kill \begin,\end pairs
     %#BEGIN, %#END line             kill %#BEGIN,%#END pairs
     on a Section-type command       kill section-type command
     on a parenthesis                kill parentheses

Note that when killing `\begin, \end' or `%#BEGIN, %#END' pair, the lines
`\begin, \end' or `%#BEGIN, %#END' exist will be killed entirely.  So take
care not to create any line that contains more than one `\begin' or so.

While all operations above are to kill `containers' which surround some
text, universal argument (`C-u') for these commands kills not only
`containers' but also `contents' of them.  See below as a sample.

     Original text:                  [prefix] k      C-u [prefix] k
     Main \footnote{note} here.    Main note here. Main  here.

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