(yatexe)Lisp variables

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Lisp variables

  You can change the key assignments or make completion more comfortable
by setting the values of various variables which control the movement of

  For example, if you want to change the prefix key stroke from `C-c' to
any other sequence, set YaTeX-prefix to whatever you want to use.  If you
don't want to use the key sequence `C-c letter' which is assumed to be the
user reserved sequence in Emacs world, set `YaTeX-inhibit-prefix-letter'
to `t', and all of the default key bind of `C-c letter' will turn to the
corresponding `C-c C-letter' (but the region based completions that is
invoked with `C-c Capital-letter' remain valid, if you want to disable
those bindings, set that variable to 1 instead of `t').

* All customizable variables
* Sample definitions
* Hook variables
* Hook file

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