(yatexe)Main features

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Main features

   * Invocation of typesetter,  previewer and related programs(`C-c t')
   * Typesetting on static region which is independent from point
   * Semiautomatic replacing of `\includeonly'
   * Jumping to error line(`C-c '')
   * Completing-read of LaTeX commands such as `\begin{}', `\section' etc.
             (`C-c b', `C-c s', `C-c l', `C-c m')
   * Enclosing text into LaTeX environments or commands (ABOVEKEYSTROKES
           after region setting)
   * Displaying the structure of text at entering sectioning commands
   * Lump shifting of sectioning commands (Note: view-sectioning)
   * Learning unknown/new LaTeX commands for the next completion
   * Argument reading with a guide for complicated LaTeX commands
   * Generating argument-readers for new/unsupported commands(`yatexgen')
   * Quick changing or deleting of LaTeX commands(`C-c c', `C-c k')
   * Jumping from and to inter-file, begin<->end, ref<->label(`C-c g')
   * Blanket commenting out or uncommenting (`C-c >', `C-c <', `C-c ,',
             `C-c .')
   * Easy input of accent mark, math-mode's commands and Greek letters
             (`C-c a', `;', `:')
   * Online help for the popular LaTeX commands (`C-c ?', `C-c /')
   * Document files hierarchy browser (`C-c d')
   * Adding automatically \usepackage corresponding to inputting LaTeX
           macro with completion
   * Allow you to forget creating \label{}s, \ref{} or \cite{} completion
           automatically generate labels.
   * \includegraphics by Drag&Drop of image file

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