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  In the minibuffer at the prompt of section-type command completion,
typing `C-v' shows a list of sectioning commands in source text(The line
with `<<--' mark is the nearest sectioning command).  Then, default
sectioning command appears in the minibuffer.  You can go up/down
sectioning command by typing `C-p'/`C-n', can scrolls up/down the listing
buffer by `C-v'/`M-v', and can hide sectioning commands under certain
level by 0 through 6.  Type `?'  in the minibuffer of sectioning prompt
for more information.

  You can generate this listing buffer (`*Sectioning Lines*' buffer) by
`M-x YaTeX-section-overview'
             ... Generate *Sectioning Lines* buffer

from the LaTeX source buffer.  In this listing buffer, typing `u' on
the sectioning command shifts up the corresponding sectioning command in
source text and `d' shifts down.  After marking lines in the listing
buffer, typing `U' shifts up all sectioning commands in the region,
and `U' shifts down.  Here are all the key bindings of
`*Sectioning Lines*' buffer.

             ... Jump to corresponding source line
             ... Display corresponding source line
             ... Shift up a sectioning line
             ... Shift down a sectioning line
             ... Shift up sectioning lines in region
             ... Shift down sectioning lines in region
             ... Hide sectioning commands whose level is lower than n

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