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Section-type completion

  "Section-type completion" completes section-type commands which take an
argument or more such as `\section{foo}'.  To invoke section-type
completion, type

`[prefix] s'
             ... section-type completion

then the prompt

             (C-v for view) \???{} (default documentclass):

will show up in the minibuffer.  Section-type LaTeX commands are completed
by space key, and the default value is selected when you type nothing in
the minibuffer.



prompts you the argument of section-type LaTeX command.  For example, the
following inputs

             \???{} (default documentclass): section
             \section{???}: Hello world.

will insert the string

             \section{Hello world.}

in your LaTeX source.  When you neglect argument such as

             (C-v for view) \???{} (default section): vspace*

YaTeX puts


and move the cursor in the braces.

  In LaTeX command, there are commands which take more than one arguments
such as `\addtolength{\topmargin}{8mm}'.  To complete these commands,
invoke section-type completion with universal argument as,

             C-u 2 [prefix] s (or ESC 2 [prefix] s)

and make answers in minibuffer like this.

             (C-v for view) \???{} (default vspace*): addtolength
             \addtolength{???}: \topmargin
             Argument 2: 8mm

`\addtolength' and the first argument `\topmargin' can be typed easily by
completing read.  Since YaTeX also learns the number of arguments of
section-type command and will ask that many arguments in future
completion, you had better tell the number of arguments to YaTeX at the
first completion of the new word.  But you can change the number of
arguments by calling the completion with different universal argument

  Invoking section-type completion with `[Prefix] S' (Capital `S')
includes the region as the first argument of section-type command.

  The section/large/maketitle type completion can work at the prompt for
the argument of other section-type completion.  Nested LaTeX commands are
efficiently read with the recursive completion by typing YaTeX's
completion key sequence in the minibuffer.

* view-sectioning

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