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  The prefix key stroke of yatex-mode is `C-c' (Press 'C' with Control
key) by default.  If you don't intend to change the prefix key stroke,
assume all `[prefix]' as `C-c' in this document.  These key strokes
execute typeset or preview command.

`[prefix] t j'
             ... invoke typesetter
`[prefix] t r'
             ... invoke typesetter on region
`[prefix] t e'
             ... `on-the-fly preview' on current environment or whole
              portion of current formulas in math-mode
`[prefix] t d'
        ... invoke dvipdfmx after successful typesetting
`[prefix] t k'
             ... kill current typesetting process
`[prefix] t b'
             ... invoke bibtex
`[prefix] t i'
             ... invoke makeindex
`[prefix] t d'
             ... invoke latex && dvipdfmx
`[prefix] t p'
             ... preview
`[prefix] t l'
             ... lpr dvi-file
`[prefix] t s'
             ... search current string on xdvi-remote

* Calling typesetter
* Calling previewer
* Printing out

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